Hier werden nach und nach sämtliche Alben zu finden sein.

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Elvis Presley (05/23/56)Elvis is Back! (04/08/60) On Stage (06/70)

Elvis (10/19/56)G.I. Blues (10/01/60)
That The Wy It Is (11/11/70)

His Hand In Mine (11/10/60)
Loving You (07/01/57)
Elvis Country (01/02/71)
Christmas Album (10/15/57)Something for Everybody (06/17/61)
Love Letters From Elvis (06/16/71)
Blue Hawaii (10/01/61)
King Creole (09/19/58)
Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas (10/20/71)
Pot Luck (06/05/62)
Elvis Now! (02/20/72)

He Touched Me (04/72)
It Happened at the World's Fair (04/10/63)
 Elvis: As Recorded at Madison Square Garden (06/18/72)

Fun In Acapulco!  (11/01/63)

Girls! Girls! Girls! (11/09/63)
Aloha from Hawaii: Via Satellite (02/04/73)

Elvis (1973 album) (07/73)

Kissin' Cousins (04/02/64)
Raised on Rock (10/01/73)

Roustabout (10/02/64)

Good Times (03/20/74)

Girl Happy (03/01/65)Elvis: As Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis (07/07/74)

Harum Scarum (11/03/65)

Promised Land (01/0/75)
Frankie and Johnny (03/01/66)Today (05/07/75)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style (06/10/66)
Spinout (10/31/66)From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (05/01/76)

How Great Thou Art (02/27/67)Moody Blue (07/19/77)
Double Trouble (06/01/67)Elvis in Concert (10/03/77)

Clambake (10/10/67)

Speedway (05/01/68)
NBC TV Special (11/22/68)

From Elvis in Memphis (06/17/69)
From Memphis to Vegas/
From Vegas to Memphis (10/14/69)